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Monday, November 29, 2010

Beat the Clock Shopping Ed Hardy

These deals are CRAZY!  I damn near fell off my chair! If you love Ed Hardy or you didn't think you could afford to buy your kids "brand name" labels...THINK AGAIN!

I clicked through the Exclusive Cyber Day Shop, (pictured above), added an item to my cart and was blown away with the total from the original price!

You just gotta shop Ed Hardy NOW!

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Ebates Earn Cash Back Shopping Online

Before we go any further, let's make sure you're getting the most out of your online shopping. Especially for you Cyber Monday shoppers!

When you shop through ebates you earn cash back!  They are even doing DOUBLE CASH BACK with over 400 stores!  You will accumulate your cash back and there are payment periods for your return.  Your cash back is sent out to you through check or your pay pal.  This particular period up to December 31st pays out February 15th!  What a perfect Valentines gift to yourself!  Imagine the payout!

Ebates is easy to sign up for and you can start shopping and earning your cash back immediately!  Refer your family or friends and get $5 per referral!  Shopping is fun when you spend money and get money back!  Knowing me, I would forget about earning my cash back and come February I'll be one happy woman! 

Shop at stores like Nordstrom, Victoria's Secret, Target, JCPenney, Kohl's, Walmart, Macy's, Old Navy and more!  Get cash back shopping Ebay too!

To sign up for ebates and start earning your cash back this holiday season

♥ Check out the HELP tab for further information on the most commonly asked questions!

♥♥ Thank you to Share The 31 Secret for posting ebates within their Cyber Monday postings!  Otherwise I would have forgot to share this with you!

Build-A-Bear Workshop Cybear Monday

If you think this Holiday Mouse is cute, you should see the other six!  That's right, Build-A-Bear Workshop is having their Cybear Monday!  They are offering seven different select animals for $7!  Regular price is $12 to $20! Limit is 10 of the specific $7 dollar animals. 

There is also a code for FREE SHIPPING on your order of $50 or more!  (You do the math!)  There is a special code for the shipping so be sure to look for it on the front page!

Shop through ebates and get cash back!  The savings just don't stop! Works for me!

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♥ IDEA you could place your gift cards or holiday cards along with one of the animals and give as an entire gift!  Perfect for loved ones and I'm sure a big hit for the grandkids!

JCPenney Online Door Busters

JCPenney has always had great sales.  Don't miss out on today's Cyber Monday Specials!


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Kitchen Krafts Cyber Monday Deal

Now that you've got your cookbooks,  you need things to cook/bake with!  Shop Kitchen Kraft this Cyber Monday and receive 15% off your order of $99 up until midnight.   Use the special offer code PE20101129CM in your shopping cart.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taste of Home 30% Off ONE DAY ONLY

Shop Taste of Home

Cyber Monday One Day Only SALE! 30% off everything. Enter code LS33. Valid only on 11-29-10

Let me just start by saying.... I OWN IT! If you don't have Taste of Home cookbooks or subscription in your home, GET SOME! I love Taste of Home!  Click on the link above and don't forget to use your code!  This is a Cyber Monday offer and is only good for Nov. 29, 2010. 

♥ Do you use Taste of Home?  What is your favorite recipe?  Share it with us below in the comments! 


NOTE: The above offer is good through Nov. 30, 2010.  I found that when you go to their site, they have a free shipping code.  At the time of checkout, you can only use ONE  promotion code.  So choose which code is best for you.  Whichever code you choose, you will place it in the PROMOTION CODE section.

If you choose to sign up for their  rewards, you will be able to start earning your points on your first order!  Should you have any problems placing your order,  call their customer service line.  I called to verify some information and the gentleman I spoke with was very nice and informative.

♥This time of year can be bittersweet, especially if you or someone you know has lost someone.  1800FLOWERS has your special gifting in mind.  Should you have questions or need assistance with placing a special order, when you call there is a prompt specifically for this need.  I am happy they have this.  This means that these operators are specially trained to work with you.

Oh, what's the deal with the chocolate covered strawberries?  They just looked so dang good! ;)  I found these under Hanukkah! 

What You Should Know About Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to shop.  It can also be one of the most frustrating things you do.  With the holidays upon us and Cyber Monday, there are some things you should know.

After working well over several years in specialty retail, I have had the opportunity to work with a company in one of the top e commerce call centers.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot on the other side of retail.  It just happened to be during the Christmas season that I worked there.  So please take note on the following tips.  You can help make your shopping experience a better one!  Rest assured, that everything I share with you WILL ALLOW FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO BE PROVIDED TO YOU!

BEFORE SHOPPING ONLINE:  Make a list of the companies you wish to shop with. 

MAKE AN ACCOUNT:  When you go to a company's site, there is always a place to "Sign In, My Account or Register".  Do so.  When you do this you will almost always receive a welcome email and may be provided with a special code or even free shipping.  In making your account, you will be able to set up all your information once without hassle for future orders.  This will also include your billing information.
♥ I made a seperate email for shopping only.  This way I don't have to go searching through my regular email!  It also makes it real easy to know that everything in that seperate email is exclusively for shopping only! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure to pay attention to detail!  Your initial address may be different than your billing address for whichever card you use! 

WHEN PLACING AN ORDER WITH AN ONLINE REPRESENTATIVE:  Customer Service most definitely starts with the company's employees knowing and doing their job.  YOU AS THE CONSUMER MUST ALSO BE EQUALLY PROACTIVE WITH YOUR SHOPPING! Afterall, it is your hard earned dollar!  With that being said, if you happen to shop online and fill up your cart, yet don't want to use your credit card online and choose to have a customer service representative place the order for you, make sure you go over pertinent information.  Verify the correct spelling of your name and that your address and phone number are up to date in the system!  This saves a huge shipping nightmare!  TRUST ME!  Also if your name isn't spelled right it is VERY HARD to try and find you in the system!

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ITEM THAT WAS IN MY CART? IT DISAPPEARED!:  Oh the joy of retail!  This happens because of how the "system" works.  When you fill up your cart and then proceed to check out,  during that time an item may have gone out of stock.  Whether by entire item, by size or by color.
It's not yours until payed for!  (Sucks yes I know.)  Which leads us to....

WHY HAVEN'T I RECEIVED MY ORDER?:  O.K. here's where we grab the wine.  This is gonna take a moment...or two.  YOUR ITEMS DO NOT SHIP UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT CLEARS! THAT IS WHEN THE "SHIPPING TIME" STARTS.  So you opt for the standard shipping.  Let's say 5 days.  If you order is placed on Monday, you are quite naturally expecting it on Friday.  NOT!  Provided your payment clears.  In a ideal situation, you place order, payment clears and then your items are shipped accordingly.  If for some reason your payment doesn't clear OR takes a little longer due to your bank or some type of hold, this is what holds up your shipping.  When the payment finally clears is when your shipping time starts! 

SHIPPING:  In keeping on the topic of shipping, keep in mind earlier when I mentioned to be detailed about your information.  Even when not using a CSR (customer service representative) to place your order, they are there 24/7 to assist you and guide you with your online experience! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT KEEPING THEM ONLINE TO ASSIST YOU!!! THAT IS WHAT THERE JOB IS! Do you really think that cubicle is fun in a box?  No, they are there for you! 

SHIPPING TO MULTIPLE PEOPLE:  Make sure you have all the correct information!  I cannot express this one enough.
♥ READ READ READ the shipping information provided for each company on their site.  Each one is different and you should be informed.  Especially when shipping to multiple people.  Sometimes your shipping may only be paid once or you may have to pay shipping for each address that you send to! 
TIP:  It wouldn't hurt to ask for a discount or for free shipping if you are sending to several people or have a large order.  I'm just saying! ;)

These are among the most basic yet most important things to know.  Hopefully you found this helpful or maybe even learned a thing or two!  If you have a comment or question, please feel free to list it below in the comments! 

What Is Cyber Monday?

So, what is Cyber Monday you ask?  Cyber Monday is the online Black Friday!

If you're like me and don't leave your home on Black Friday, then Cyber Monday just might be the way to go!

Unlike the crazed crowds and freezing your butt off all night into the early hours of the morning to score some amazing sales and great deals in the store,  online shoppers look forward to Cyber Monday for great deals and maybe even free shipping!  What better way to make use of your time when you're not on Facebook?!  (gasp, leave Facebook?  I know right! You're farming can wait!)

So, take a hot shower, jump into those pj's, throw on a pot of coffee and finish off that pumpkin pie!  We're about to bring you as many Cyber Monday sales and deals as we can along with tips on how to save more, who's offering free shipping and anything else we can find along the way!  

Ready?  Start doing your finger exercises! ☺

Saturday, November 27, 2010

FREE Victoria's Secret Reward Card

Now through November 30th, with a purchase of $10 or more at Victoria's Secret, you will receive a FREE Secret Rewards Card!

The FREE Secret Rewards Card from Victoria's Secret are valued at $10, $50, $100 or $500! 

Once you receive your rewards card, you may start redeeming them starting December 1, 2010.  This beautiful offer available both in stores and online!  When shopping Victoria's Secret online, your reward card will be included with your order.

Shop through ebates to earn your cash back!  CLICK HERE

Happy Shopping!

♥ Did you shop Victoria's Secret?  We want to know how you scored on your rewards!  Come back and comment below!

The Love Buried Within

O.K. I'll say it, "SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!", there do you feel better now? Step one is admitting you're in denial. In other words, YES you're family has "issues"! Step two is defining FAMILY. Which should be, they're the only one I've got and at the end of the day I love them all. (God help me!)

As you can tell I have spent yet another Thanksgiving with family. Not just any family though. The In Laws! (dramatic music playing in the background)

Yes, grab your leftovers, a napkin, put your feet up and forget the glass. You just might want the whole bottle while you read this!

For the sake of my sanity, I have opted to change some minor details to save my ass!

We decided to come down to my in laws for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I must say that I indeed was excited as I have been wanting, yes I said wanting, to visit my mother in law. She has been going through a lot lately and I myself have been in a rut and this was the perfect opportunity to see everyone.

The drive in was great. As we left Sacramento and came into the area, all my troubles and worries disappeared. I love the area she lives in and it is beautiful. We chatted, caught up on things and shared our life's ups and downs. Laughs and tears were equally shared.

Now, if you have ever seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine, then you are ahead of the game here. Highly dysfunctional yet we're family and we love each other! We love each other. We love each other. (sorry, had to re focus!)

There is always the problem child, the headache, the agitated, the co dependant, the drunk and the ever so favorite, the bipolar!

Well put it all together on a day that should be nice and to be able to sit down and have a great meal and what do you have? In a word, FAMILY!

The hubby wants to go down to the local bar, his Mom attests to drinking, the sibling has had some issues and is here in mood swings, my child has turned into a banchee, mother in law is about to blow her lid and as for my father in law.... he's got some good meds because he's been pretty mellow. And unseen! Oh, what about me? Oh, I am definitely in a panic. Uhhh, I'm used to Mimosas in the morning followed by my Beringer White Zinfandel and capped off with Jack Daniels and egg nog at the end of the night while retelling the same stories every year. We're not in Kansas anymore Toto! (it's O.K. though, like any true "social drinker" I found my loop hole!)

Hubby went to the bar, other relatives last minute arrivals put a kink in the day, my child is driving me absolutely nuts, oh shit I forgot how long did she say to leave the biscuits in the oven?, father in law is waiting to eat, I can't keep my hands off the deviled eggs......then it happens.... BLOWOUT! Somehow I knew this was coming. The siblings argue, the father in law comes flying down the hallway wondering WT.... is going on, mother in law is about to turn beat red or cry, I am in another room laying down with my son who thank the heavens went down for a nap, and the uproar ends as quickly as it started.

As much as I wanted to run out and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I thought it best to sit this one out!

Very thankful for the dinner that was made. Food was once again amazing, dishes to be washed, everyone gathered for a movie and the day ended with a big sigh.

How did I make it through you might ask? Well, remember how we talked about relatives earlier? Lets just say I came across these bottles, that were beautiful and had a blush color! Did I mention a relative that used to stay here awhile back had a drinking issue? By no means am I making lite of someone who is in fact an alcoholic, I'm just seeing things in a different perspective. I see it as it was a gift left for me. From someone who "knows"! It was if it came with a note that would have read, "here, this will help",!

No matter what you do this holiday season, always welcome your family home. Believe it or not, the drama no matter how big or small, will only soon become a memory. I know that at least for this one night, we were all together. Together safe and warm with plenty to eat and with those who love us. Who the hell else would let some of us in their home?

Here's to you and your family. May you find the love buried within!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Where Have We Been?

So some of you have been wondering where the heck I have been. Well, lets just say Life Happens!

The economy took a toll on our family, cancer has taken the life of a family member and close friend, while another family member is still struggling. Kids are driving me nuts and the husband has been in and out of the doghouse! ;)

So what can one do but to take a deep breath and pray right through it!

Here I am, back in the saddle, ready to get myself together again! A little wine along the way doesn't hurt. O.K. who am I lying to...A LOT of wine!

Thank you for those of you who have inquired to my whereabouts and have welcomed me back! Nice to know you're out there paying attention! Wish the kids would do the same!

So what do you say? Ready for the seasons shopping deals and recipes? I am! Lets get through the rest of the year!