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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Alone!

WHOO HOO! I am home ALONE!

Don't you just love it when you have your entire house, apartment, space, hell your bathroom for that matter, all to yourself? How blissful these times are. Come on, there's a difference when you're married or have roommates, compared to having a full house that includes kids! Really, when was the last time you were able to use the bathroom or soak in a hot bath without being bothered? Still thinking?

This was another hectic morning. Trying to get the monster to school, nagging at the husband to help, looking for the keys and my mind reeling of things that need to get done today. Finally we're off. Did the drop off, got some gas, ran an errand and picked up my father in law for his Dr. appointment. Then my husband did something right... he looks over and says to me, "Why don't you just stay home and I'll take Dad to the Dr.", I ran so quick to open the door, "O.K. babe, drive safe and I'll see you later!".

I walked them to the truck. Made sure they buckled up and had all the paperwork and insurance card, gave them each a kiss and said see you later. Walked back into the house and shut the door, WHOOO HOOO! I grabbed that remote so quick, threw on my soap opera, (Young and the Restless), just happened to remember where I had that chocolate stashed, kicked up my feet... ahhhh!

I think to myself, hmm, I can catch up on a few things. Reorganize the closet, separate the rest of the laundry, finish up some paperwork, etc. Nah!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Free Pedometer at Kmart

My neighbor just recently bought a treadmill. You know what I say to that? Bravo for her! Now pass the chocolate! lol I know I should take up her offer on getting on the damn thing. After all, with the holidays right around the corner, I will need to keep up with myself before putting on that "winter coat" of mine! That's what I call the extra pounds I pack on through the first of the year! ;)

Happily I came across a freebie for a pedometer at Kmart! I thought, how cool is that, my girlfriend would love it and she can wear it to work too!

From now until October 31,2010, you can print out a coupon and redeem it at Kmart for your free pedometer! You must have your Shop Your Way Rewards Card to redeem it though. This card is free as well!

Click here to receive your coupon for your FREE Sportline Step & Distance Pedometer

Yes, I did in fact print one out for myself! Gotta start somewhere!
~ Thank You to Stefani at Mom's Freebie Blog for posting this and letting us share!

High Heels and Lemonade

How High Heels and Lemonade came to be!

High Heels; city girl, shopping, nightclubs, high end fashion, handbags and purses larger than life itself, any and everything retail! You know, all the things we love and could afford BEFORE the expense of kids!

Lemonade; as they say, when life gives you lemons... make lemonade. Life isn't always fair. Or so that's how we perceive it. Well, I've been given a lot of lemons over the years. Some of them I even picked! Don't just sit there under the tree and let them rain all over you. DO SOMETHING! MAKE YOUR OWN LEMONADE!

So here we are! I love retail. I am determined to make the most of my life and for my family. As you follow me, you will definitely find great deals, shopping tips, tips for those of you that work in retail, giveaways and freebies! You'll also be able to share along with tears, laughs and support of going through this thing called "life"!

One day you may even see our store which we hope to launch this next year! Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see here. Share your favorite stores/shops, even your new business. We'd love to know what's out there!

Oh, one more thing, when you're having one of those "lemon" days... ADD VODKA!

First Day of School

When do we ever really "let go"? I was so adamant about homeschooling my son this year. He is a little behind and I figured that I could work with him more and catch him up, go on field trips... sleep in! When all the while it just screams DENIAL! I don't want to let go. I want to keep him with me and share his every moment.

Circumstances and the reality of knowing he should really be in school led me down to the registration office! By the time I got the last of the paperwork done, I was tearing up. Getta grip I know, but this is the last of my children and the time goes by SO fast!

So today came. It took an act of God to get this child outta the house. He didn't want to eat his breakfast. Then I asked if he wanted to rinse off before getting dressed. "No", o.k. fine then get dressed, "I need to take a bath",. My patience was being tried. He gets in the shower, then runs naked down the hall. "GET DRESSED NICK YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!", and what does he do? Streaks through the house, then I hear this loud fart followed by a roaring giggle. He decides that a whoopie cushion is the best thing to do! Well it gave us a laugh and probably saved his little life as I was beginning to lose whatever patience I had left since I hadn't had my coffee yet!

Needless to say, we got out the door and we were on our way. We get there and walk into the office, since whoopie man was late. She assigns his teacher and then it happens. This is it, the time is near. I hear a violin playing in my head. As we walk down the hall to his class I feel as if I'm walking the green mile! My little Nicky holds out his hand and grabs mine as we walk. To hell with holding my hand to cross the street or in the store, now he wants to hold it! But that's o.k. because I want to hold it forever.

Walk into the class, get introduced to his teacher and she gives me some stuff to take home. Before he goes to take his seat, I look at his little face and gave him a hug. (Not without visions of grabbing him and running back out to the truck as if I snatched him!) I gave him a kiss and told him to have a good day. Walked out and lost it!

Had to stop back by the office. I must have looked as pathetic as I felt. She gave me a hug! Got to the truck and all I wanted to do is run to my Mom's house and cry. This time goes by so fast. I will hold onto every moment. Til tonight, when the little shit won't eat his dinner!