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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shopping Meltdown

O.K., when I said I'm a city girl in the country, I wasn't lying! I am having a total shopping meltdown! I used to work for a very well known company in their call center. During the holidays, I seriously could not understand, "those" people who weren't willing to make the "drive" to get their item/product. Karma does have a way of getting a hold of you!

Well, I am about an hour out, at least, from the nearest mall! GASP! I know, I know, what is a girl to do? This is one of the primary reasons I started this dang blog! Speaking from experience doesn't even touch the surface with me at this point. Hell, I can't even go and buy some pretty panties if I wanted to...(pausing til heart rate slows down....)!

So first it started with wanting a new purse. Then it was finding a hairdresser and new nail lady. After that came the panties, (hold on, grabbing paper bag, breathe...breathe...), O.K. moving on!

Needless to say, I'm on a mission and sister, you're going with me! Fill my shopping bag or bust! Be sure to watch for my next blogs because I am determined to shop and do it without leaving my computer! Unless of course I need more chocolate and cheesecake! The grocery store here at least has that!♥

Almost Wordless Wednesday

In coming up with a photo to use for today, I was going a little nutty because there are pics I like but am going to use for other blogs today. So I tried to think of something neat and fun! This is what I came up with!
To check out more sidewalk chalk illusions from this artist CLICK HERE

Thursday, February 4, 2010

City of Angels

Born in Los Angeles and living half my life in Southern California, you best believe I am a city girl at heart! I miss the nights of Hollywood, Newport, Brea and of course downtown Los Angeles. I'm sure much has changed since then but it will always be home to me.

As a kid, our Mom would would take us to Huntington Beach every Saturday. We would leave at 7am and not to return until about 10pm. Sundays consisted of long drives, or at least what seemed long to us as kids. I really enjoyed our drives to San Juan Capistrano. (Especially when I discovered The Cheesecake Factory!) Our Mom would pretend we were lost and ask us which way we thought she should turn to get home. I miss those drives.

We as kids were fortunate enough to go to Disneyland at least once a year as well as Knott's Berry Farm. (If you haven't had chicken dinner at Knott's Berry Farm, you're missin out!)

The field trips to Olvera Street, The Griffith Observatory, Huntington Beach Library, The Rose Parades in Pasadena, watching the Raiders play at the Coliseum, my prom at The Bonaventure Hotel...oh all the memories. I miss Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 1, 2010

Rocking Chair Dreams

There comes a point in time where you sit back and ponder life. For me, that actual time was with my husband. There we sat and shared our dreams, ambitions and how we wanted to grow old together. A place to raise our kids. To be a part of a strong community. A home that where the foundation was solely based on love. You know, the times you talk about where to buy your home. How many kids you want and what their names would be. For us it was to one day settle in the country and get some property, build our home together and sit back one day on our front porch and just .... take it all in. These are our rocking chair dreams! "One day when we're old, we're going to sit out on our front porch in our rocking chairs and drink our lemonade".
Well, here we are and this is where we begin. The view is gorgeous. Once again I can view the beauty of the sky at night without the city lights. Never in a million years would I ever think I would be "here" and truly appreciate this kind of life. I know that I am blessed.