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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Love Buried Within

O.K. I'll say it, "SOMEBODY SHOOT ME!", there do you feel better now? Step one is admitting you're in denial. In other words, YES you're family has "issues"! Step two is defining FAMILY. Which should be, they're the only one I've got and at the end of the day I love them all. (God help me!)

As you can tell I have spent yet another Thanksgiving with family. Not just any family though. The In Laws! (dramatic music playing in the background)

Yes, grab your leftovers, a napkin, put your feet up and forget the glass. You just might want the whole bottle while you read this!

For the sake of my sanity, I have opted to change some minor details to save my ass!

We decided to come down to my in laws for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I must say that I indeed was excited as I have been wanting, yes I said wanting, to visit my mother in law. She has been going through a lot lately and I myself have been in a rut and this was the perfect opportunity to see everyone.

The drive in was great. As we left Sacramento and came into the area, all my troubles and worries disappeared. I love the area she lives in and it is beautiful. We chatted, caught up on things and shared our life's ups and downs. Laughs and tears were equally shared.

Now, if you have ever seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine, then you are ahead of the game here. Highly dysfunctional yet we're family and we love each other! We love each other. We love each other. (sorry, had to re focus!)

There is always the problem child, the headache, the agitated, the co dependant, the drunk and the ever so favorite, the bipolar!

Well put it all together on a day that should be nice and to be able to sit down and have a great meal and what do you have? In a word, FAMILY!

The hubby wants to go down to the local bar, his Mom attests to drinking, the sibling has had some issues and is here in mood swings, my child has turned into a banchee, mother in law is about to blow her lid and as for my father in law.... he's got some good meds because he's been pretty mellow. And unseen! Oh, what about me? Oh, I am definitely in a panic. Uhhh, I'm used to Mimosas in the morning followed by my Beringer White Zinfandel and capped off with Jack Daniels and egg nog at the end of the night while retelling the same stories every year. We're not in Kansas anymore Toto! (it's O.K. though, like any true "social drinker" I found my loop hole!)

Hubby went to the bar, other relatives last minute arrivals put a kink in the day, my child is driving me absolutely nuts, oh shit I forgot how long did she say to leave the biscuits in the oven?, father in law is waiting to eat, I can't keep my hands off the deviled eggs......then it happens.... BLOWOUT! Somehow I knew this was coming. The siblings argue, the father in law comes flying down the hallway wondering WT.... is going on, mother in law is about to turn beat red or cry, I am in another room laying down with my son who thank the heavens went down for a nap, and the uproar ends as quickly as it started.

As much as I wanted to run out and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I thought it best to sit this one out!

Very thankful for the dinner that was made. Food was once again amazing, dishes to be washed, everyone gathered for a movie and the day ended with a big sigh.

How did I make it through you might ask? Well, remember how we talked about relatives earlier? Lets just say I came across these bottles, that were beautiful and had a blush color! Did I mention a relative that used to stay here awhile back had a drinking issue? By no means am I making lite of someone who is in fact an alcoholic, I'm just seeing things in a different perspective. I see it as it was a gift left for me. From someone who "knows"! It was if it came with a note that would have read, "here, this will help",!

No matter what you do this holiday season, always welcome your family home. Believe it or not, the drama no matter how big or small, will only soon become a memory. I know that at least for this one night, we were all together. Together safe and warm with plenty to eat and with those who love us. Who the hell else would let some of us in their home?

Here's to you and your family. May you find the love buried within!

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