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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Movie and a Makeover

Next month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Well, breast cancer is world wide and knows no particular month. In honor of the upcoming month, I have selected Four Extraordinary Women for the movie today.

If you have Comcast, you will find Four Extraordinary Women in the Free Movies section! My Lifetime has this movie but is not currently airing it. You can check back HERE in the upcoming weeks to get upcoming airing dates. (just refresh the page there if you need to!)

As for the makeover part of today, we're actually going to have two parts! First part is to make an appointment to have your annual/breast exam! Call your Dr. and set up an appointment. Looking for more information? We have added a link below to get you started. (We will be posting several things throughout the month concerning breast cancer awareness!) Second part of the makeover is a virtual makeover!

Before you go and cut your hair, dye it, try some new make up, etc. Why not try a virtual look for free! Yes free! No downloading a program, using kiddie type or cartoony styles. The real you in some virtual makeover fun! While in MyLifetime I have discovered yet more games! (as if I haven't had myself stuck in facebook already, now I have re invited Lifetime back in! lol) This makeover is way too much fun! You may be there for awhile or maybe even uploading your gf's pic and giving her one too! Oh hell, why not do your makeover and post it as your facebook profile pic! Well, you'll know for sure if that new do is going to get you noticed or deleted! LOL!

♥Visit My Lifetime HERE
♥Start your virtual makeover HERE

♥We want to see your makeovers! Come and add your photo on our fan page on facebook! Let's see how you turned out!
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♥Have comments about today's movie? Leave comments here or on our Discussion Board on our Facebook Fan Page!

♥♥♥ To find out more about Breast Cancer, click HERE

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