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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Really Are You Kidding Me

This morning after dropping my son off at school and a quick visit to my father in laws, we stopped by the store on the way home. My husband asks me if I want a Go Girl. Yes please. Well, the store didn't have it. Then we went to 7-11. Didn't have it in there either! Eric says, "what do you mean they don't have it?", Uh no, otherwise it would be in my hand, duh!

Of course I would love nothing more than to go a couple blocks down to Safeway and get them there because I know they have them. But noooooo, now he's late for work. Whatever, I guess I don't need one.

So, he drops me off and I get comfy in my chair and am happy that I have "computer time" all to myself! All was wonderful until I got hungry.

The first thought that came to mind was chocolate! Quick, easy and oh so satisfying. So I go to my purse to get my Reese's Fast Break. GONE! Apparently someone got into my stash. So I go look in my, oh wait, no one knows about that spot! Well, I look "there" GASP, GONE! O.K. fine, I'll have one of the peanut butter wafer snacks then. Are you ready for this? Box is in the cupboard, EMPTY!!! WTH? (don't you just love it when someone eats the last of something and leaving an empty box/container behind and then doesn't tell you it needs to be replaced? oh, if I only had a dollar for every time.....)

I go to the fridge and there's food but I am too lazy to make anything. Don't you just hate that, you have a craving, can't feed it, so you go for something else and yet, nothing seems appealing but your first choice? Ughhh. I break down and make a ham and turkey sandwich, some BBQ chips and blue Kool Aid. When I go to put pickles on my sandwich, THE EMPTY JAR OF JUICE IS IN THE FRIDGE!!! Really, are you kidding me? (sighing deeply and banging head against refrigerator)

My lunch filled my tummy and I am ready for a nap. Hmmm, I wish I had a Go Girl! ♥

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