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Friday, September 24, 2010


This has got to be among the most exciting postings on my blog I ever bring you! SWAGBUCKS! I ♥ SwagBucks! I'm addicted and I can't stop using it, talking about it, shopping on it....FOR FREE!

(O.K. deep breath! ahhhh) Ready? Here we go!

SwagBucks, "the world's premier digital dollar", is the next best thing next to chocolate! (yes it's that good). Take for example things you do online everyday. You use your search engine, shop online, facebook etc. When you sign up for SwagBucks, you earn "swagbucks" to redeem for shopping! Search+earn+redeem=FREE!

I found SwagBucks by accident. I kept seeing my gf post on facebook, "I just won 8 swagbucks, 10 swagbucks, 12 swagbucks....", and asked myself, "What the hell are SwagBucks?". She was getting them everyday and I felt left out! So I clicked on the link. My daily facebook routine has not been the same since!

When I signed up, I was instantly rewarded with 30 swagbucks just for signing up! Now that's instant gratification my friends! Then I read through their FAQ's. Hmmm, is it really THIS EASY? YES!

How I earn everyday: I take part in the daily poll. This is just some random question and you receive one swagbuck. Then I filled out some information about myself and take TRUSTED MINI SURVEYS SCREENED FROM SWAGBUCKS themselves and I win anywhere from 75 to 150 swagbucks! Do you shop online? Shop through SwagBucks and every dollar you spend while shopping you're earning free swagbucks here too!

So what do you do with all your SwagBucks? Let's just put it this way, when I asked my gf what she does with them, she told me she did all of her daughters school shopping with them! NO WAY! You see, you can redeem you swagbucks for hundreds of items; electronics, clothing, gift cards EVEN CONVERT YOUR SB TO YOUR PAYPAL!! Yes, I said PayPal! Came across this one the other day!

There are many ways to earn and if you think about it, if you are doing these things online anyway, why not get some virtual "points" if you will and redeem for free things? Who couldn't use free?

I have redeemed for gift cards and am going to keep letting my bucks build til before Christmas! Some FREE SHOPPING is right up my alley!

I love SwagBucks so much, I have added the SWiDget at the top of my page here on my blog! This way you can see how many swagbucks I am earning!


Did I mention that you can get your facebook updates from your home page on Swagbucks! Oh, you have old cell phones to recycle, video games or other electronics to recycle as well? Get your label printed from SwagBucks and send them in. You will be rewarded!

What are you waiting for? You can read through my blog tonight when the kids go to bed! GET YOUR SWAG ON!

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